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Si Chuan RuiDiTong Construction Machinery CO.,LTD扒渣機 耙斗機 電耙子 四不像 四不像礦車 專業制造

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Company name Chengdu XingMinJie Construction Machinery CO.,LTD
Date of establishment 2003.12.07
Registered capital 5,000,000 RMB
President Du Xiaogang
Scope of business Main product:hydraulic rock rake loader series,wheel mucker rock loader series
Our Philosophy it can only be imitated but can't be surpassed. we will be in pursuit of customer's satisfaction forever!
Company Introduction About me
Address notrth 4th road, modern industrial harbor, pixian of chengdu city,sichuan.
Website www.imolion.com
Contact us 18030527037

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